Thursday, July 16, 2009

Pinarealan Cave/Bibitriver Norzagaray Bulacan July 4 and July 11

Bitbit river

my dream bike
Take 2 panday/yummychoco/yuri/rush/elysantos/fafarocky/adrenalin
July 11 2009

Tantantini/Kuya Arci/Algerof/Ryanusuke/Prince/Icebox/Timotz/schizos/Atomi/berns888
Bitbit river Sanlorenzo Bulacan
IPO Dam over looking the little Baguio of Bulacan
Pinagrealan Cave July 4 2009


IamDP said...

nice posts! hope you could go back and post new ones...

Kirstz said...

I am agree on IamDP this is was a nice post. This kind of hobbies are really fun and the mountain bikers are enjoying their trip. As a viewer I want to see a lot of activities in mountain biking Philippines and hope to see more updates of your adventures. Thank you.