Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The best ride for me last monday08/18/08 w/ some cool members of pmtb

Mud max
Sir Oll
dawn fall'''doc the bike guru
sir Mike aka Dv1kwh/Oll Sevilla'''Brick town to Jack hammer trail
aebarredo'''''The devil's bridge''''''''
King/Ato/Wheeler/doc the bike guru
king/ato/wheeler/doc the bike guru
Pit stop Brick town w/ aebarredo/owen/me/edwin
Lunch time on Mahogany Odyongan
Uphill going to Mahogany
The 3 monster of uphill lupettttt'''''''''''''Ato/wheeler/king
Lamesa ecopark pit stop

'''''''''''''Petron Amparo meeting place''''''''''''
17 bikers all in all to Licao turns out to a very nice ride.

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